Family Team

We understand that we’re just visitors to your home.


We focus on goals you and your family choose so that you can:

  • Help your child develop the skills they need to handle stress
  • Be a calm source of emotional support for your child
  • Create a structure that makes it easier for your child to do the right things
  • Have the support you need to parent your child when things get difficult

Your family has unique needs.

We work with families who are experiencing difficulties due to behavioral and emotional health challenges at home or in school. Your child or youth deserves services that address their unique needs and incorporates support from family members and their community.

Home-Based Services for the Whole Family

Family Team counselors are masters and doctoral-level clinicians-in-training working with a licensed marriage and family therapist. The Family Team is a *home-based family-centered service dedicated to providing a plan of care unique to every family. What’s important to you is important to us.

*During the COVID-19 pandemic services will be provided by telehealth.

FREE of Charge and Flexible to Your Schedule

You will never pay a dime for Family Team services. We are committed to providing home-based therapy that fits your schedule and respects your family‘s values.

We aren’t just another voice telling you what to do.

We understand that we’re just visitors to your home. That’s why we focus on goals you and your family choose.

Regional Eligibility

For the time being, the Family Team program is only available in certain areas. Members of the Chester Field and Jaffrey-Rindge school districts are eligible to apply.