Amy is a bright 14-year-old, who comes from a divorced family household. When Amy came to Connected Families NH (CFNH), she was experiencing high stress levels that were the result of navigating her family dynamic. As soon as Amy met with her CFNH coordinator, we knew that she was an excellent candidate for our FAST Forward program. The FAST Forward program is individualized, guided by underlying needs and strengths, and outcome-based. At the beginning, Amy met with her coordinator once a week, which helped her stay on track with the care plan that was custom tailored to her needs. 

Following her start with CFNH’s FAST Forward program, Amy and her family worked to improve their communication and increase independence within their home, while also establishing clear trust and acceptance no matter the circumstances. Through the FAST Forward program, Amy and her family learned how they can all play a part in establishing a supportive and trusting household, as well as the importance of considering where others are coming from. Amy’s family quickly saw a reduction in stress levels within their homes when they practiced the habits introduced by their care coordinator. 

Amy has made extraordinary progress through her personalized care plan, and now meets with her CFNH coordinator every other week. In between these meetings, Amy and her family have homework assignments that aid them in continuing to better understand one another and what role they play in fostering a healthy family environment. One of the habits that Amy picked up from the FAST Forward program includes regularly calling her dad during the week, which has helped them stay connected and keeps him in the loop when she is at her mom’s house. Being able to stay up to date makes Amy feel more connected with her father and helps them maintain their healthy habits even when they are apart.

The Connected Families NH FAST Forward program empowered Amy to find her voice within her family, and helped them all learn how to navigate their dynamic in a way which fostered trust and communication. Seeing the hard work and dedication that her parents have put in when it comes to their relationships with her and one another has given Amy hope. She said “It gives the family a voice. The best thing my parents have ever done is to do this program.” Amy no longer struggles with excessive stress levels, and her family now maintains strong relationships with one another and has learned how to productively navigate what works and what does not work for them using the skills they learned through the CFNH FAST Forward program.  

About Connected Families NH  

Funded by a contract with the state of New Hampshire, Connected Families NH (CFNH) is a collaborative family-led program designed to improve the emotional health of children and young adults. CFNH recognizes the importance of emotional health and provides free, flexible services and support through our statewide and regional programs. Reach out or submit a referral to learn more about how Connected Families NH can help you. Connected Families NH is under the governance of Cheshire County.Connected Families NH is not an emergency service. Anyone experiencing a medical emergency should call 911. Anyone experiencing a mental health crisis should contact NH’s Rapid Response Access Point offering 24/7 Crisis Support at 833-710-6477 (call or text) or (online chat).