John is a driven 18-year-old who has been working with Connected Families NH (CFNH) for a little over a month now. He recently began transitioning out of the Sununu center where he worked with a team of 4-6 people, and they recommended him as a great candidate for the CFNH Transitional Residential Enhanced Care Coordination (TR-ECC) program because of his drive to improve. The TR-ECC program was designed with youth and their families in mind. It offers assistance and support to them as they return to their community by creating a plan and providing resources based on the goals that matter most to their family.  

During John’s time at the Sununu center, he graduated high school and excelled in leadership roles including his role on the track team. Now, through the CFNH TR-ECC program John has been paired with a peer coordinator who helps him keep up his momentum by helping him set personal goals and get professional references who will push him towards his goals. With the help of his peer coordinator and the resources provided, John is now determined to continue moving forward in life and continues to work hard and make the most out of every resource and opportunity CFNH has provided.  

Through the TR-ECC program resources, John realized how many opportunities for success were available to him, and was inspired to take action. John now lives with his aunt and uncle who are supportive of all the progress he continues to make. His aunt regularly reminds him, “you just have to do right by yourself, and everything else will fall into place,” which he carries with him as he continues to develop and grow successful skills to navigate life. 

John plans to find employment that allows him to attend a college program at the same time, so that he can further his education while beginning to support himself. For John it is not just about bettering his own life, but also about giving back to his community. He hopes to be able to inspire others like himself someday. 

John took the stressful situation that he was in, and with the help of the CFNH TR-ECC program and his peer coordinator, he used it to fuel his success. He has the hard-working mentality and drive to continue his momentum for many years to come and is an exemplary example of the progress that can be made in the CFNH programs that are dedicated to helping youths and their families throughout the state.

About Connected Families NH  

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