Transitional Residential Enhanced Care Coordination

Families with children age 0 to 21 who ar
e transitioning out of
care or psychiatric hospitalization can struggle
to find
guidance that meets their unique needs. Services can
difficult for anyone to access. Our goal is to help your
family through this transition.

Questions about TR-ECC?


We help your family get started.

We are your guides, your allies, and your support system as your child transitions from their current placement. We’ll help you and your family identify your strengths and your most urgent needs to develop a transition plan that supports your child‘s return back into their community.

The next 3 – 9 months are key.

We take the time to identify and connect you to the resources needed for success. We’ll develop a transition plan, based on goals that are important to you. Your care coordinator will help your family with referrals to the right professional services and community support. We offer the unique opportunity to work with Peer Support Specialists. These advocates have had similar experiences and are an invaluable resource to have on your team.

Prevention is more powerful than a cure.

TRECC isn’t intended to replace existing treatments, services, or therapies. Instead, we partner with you to access the available services that match your goals. Our objective is to help your family build a strong foundation to minimize crises and ensure you’re not alone in this transition. We will work with you in developing a transition plan that addresses your youth’s needs.

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