Connecting Families To a Better Future

Connected Families NH gives you the support and resources your child or youth needs to overcome mental health challenges and find a better path forward. Get personalized support, unique to your family’s needs, with the care coordination of Connected Families NH. Our programs help connect you and your children to the right resources in your community so you can receive the care you deserve. We are family-driven and community-based, with a focus on keeping your family in familiar spaces and respecting cultures.


We offer multiple programs to help you and your child connect with the support that’s right for you.   

Connected Families NH works with families in the coordination of their care through multiple programs designed to answer the different needs of families. Whether your child is under the age of 5, between the ages of 5 and 21, or is transitioning between residential and psychiatric care (under the age of 21), we can connect you with the resources you need, and the community support your family deserves.  

Early Childhood

Age 5 and under

If your child is age 5 or under and experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges, early intervention and effective care helps you get back on track and develop the right tools for the future. This program can be beneficial if you or your family are in need of extra support as you navigate the early years of life with your child. Connected Families can provide the help you need to overcome your challenges. 

FAST Forward

Age 5 to 21

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 21, the FAST Forward program can connect you and your child with a community who has been in your shoes and can help guide your path.  FAST Forward is a supportive, team-based and longer-term (12-18 month) process where participating families gain the tools and support they need to experience stability and success in their homes, schools, and community. 


Age 21 and under

If your child is under the age of 21 and is transitioning out of residential care or psychiatric hospitalization back into their community or a new place to call home, the TrECC (Transitional Enhanced Care Coordination) program can make sure you have a plan based on your needs that will make the crucial next steps a success.  

Connecting Families to a Successful Path Forward

Connected Families NH is a care management entity, which means we are dedicated to working with families to identify the right care coordinator based on your and your child’s unique needs. We facilitate support and resources that may otherwise be hard to access. This allows us to be on your side, assisting you to make decisions towards a better path forward.

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Connected Families NH connects you to dedicated resources for a path forward.   

Connected Families NH collaborates with partners and resources that are in your community and are committed to getting the right support for you and your child.  

Community Partners

Coordination and collaboration are critical to improving family outcomes. Success in our work at Connected Families is possible thanks to the support and cooperation of our partner organizations.

Family Resource Centers

Explore and learn more about the family resource centers that are throughout the state of New Hampshire that will help support both your youth and your family.

Mental Health

Learn and gain greater understanding about the many mental health resources that are available to help give you the foundation, information and tools your family needs.

Connected Families NH is dedicated to coordinating care for your children and
youth with your family’s unique needs in mind.

Reach out to us if you have any questions about what we do and how we can help.