FAST Forward

Behavioral Healthcare Support for Ages 5 to 21

  • Individualized
  • Guided by underlying needs
  • Strengths and outcomes-based
  • A collaborative team-based process
  • FAST (Families and Systems Together)

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Your child has unique needs.

Families experiencing difficulties due to mental health challenges can struggle to find the support that meets their needs. At times, children or youth are placed out of home in residential treatment facilities, psychiatric hospitals, juvenile justice facilities, or daytime programs taking them out of their communities. Despite best intentions, services can be difficult for families to access.

We provide your family with opportunities.

We are your guides, your allies, and your support system. We’ll help you and your family identify your strengths and your most urgent needs to develop a long-term plan to improve mental health outcomes for your child. Our program is familyled and founded on unconditional care. What’s important to you is important to us.

Get support from someone who has had similar experiences as you.

Your family’s FAST Forward care coordinator will use the NH Wraparound model—a planning process designed to serve children and young adults with mental health challenges whose needs have not been met. A unique value of FAST Forward is the option to work with Peer Support Specialists. These advocates provide insight into the process and ensure your voice is heard. They’ve been where you are now and are an invaluable resource to have on your team.

We aren’t just another voice telling you what to do.

FAST Forward isn’t intended to replace existing treatments, services, or therapies. Instead, we partner with you to access the available services and supports that match your goals. Your coordinator will help you develop a plan of care and facilitate referrals to the services you need.

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