Andrew and his mother Leslie entered the Connected Families NH Wraparound program to address recreational drug and school behavioral concerns. After trying to minimize the issue with routine drug tests and therapy to no avail, Leslie reached out to CFNH for help after their home was the target of a drug fueled break-in.

At the beginning of the program, Andrew was incredibly hesitant to engage with the program and his care coordinator. To make progress in the areas that were receptive to intervention, we began working directly with his mother Leslie on her direct “need statements” and coached her on healthy communication habits she could conduct with Andrew. After seeing his mother go to great lengths to preserve their relationship and overall family dynamic, Andrew got inspired and decided to become more engaged when it came to discussing his needs with his care coordinator but was still hesitant to engage during team meetings.

Our team was compassionate and understanding every step of the way. Over time, Andrew began opening to the Wraparound process and his care team, which is when the big results began to be visible. Andrew even invited his schoolteachers to join his Wraparound care team, which got him back on academic track with help from the Doorways program.

Leslie was incredibly proactive and made a lot of progress through her hard work. By the time Andrew graduated from the Wraparound program, Leslie found new, healthy ways to engage with her son and he even graduated high school successfully after entering a treatment facility to end his substance dependency. Leslie was an integral part of all the progress made with the Wraparound team, and her perseverance made the difference in creating a more trusting, safe mother-son relationship. Being able to see his mother put everything she had into mending their relationship inspired Andrew to put in his own work to improve their dynamic as well. Andrew no longer seeks our drugs and makes choices to stay away from them. Through the CFNH program, Andrew and his mother Leslie were able to mend their relationship and learned healthy communication habits that they now maintain. By having access to the CFNH resources and support they needed, Andrew and his mother were able to properly focus on meeting their individual needs, as well as their needs as a family.

About Connected Families NH

Funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and contracted by the Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health within New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, Connected Families NH is a collaborative family-led program designed to improve the emotional health of children and young adults. We recognize the importance of emotional health and provide free, flexible services and support through our statewide and regional programs. Reach out or submit a referral to learn more about how Connected Families NH can help you. Connected Families NH is under the governance of Cheshire County. Connected Families NH is not an emergency service. If you or someone you care about is having a mental health or substance use crisis, you can call and speak to trained care staff at the NH Rapid Response Access Point at 833-710-6477 or 988 or

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