Single mother Jessica and her 14-year-old son Steven entered the Connected Families NH (CFNH) Wraparound program after being reunited following a period in which Steven lived with his grandmother after mental health challenges. He had to adjust to a new school, home, new friends and new community. He struggled with certain intellectual disabilities, as well as anger and impulse control problems. During their time in the Wraparound program, their assigned care coordinator was able to customize the experience to accommodate Steven’s needs, Jessica’s needs, and their overall needs as a family.

Our Connected Families NH team took a hands-on approach with Steven to help support his voice and his needs. After a few months of preparation, he chose to invite several integral support systems to his first team meeting, including schoolteachers, therapists, and his parents. The goal of these meetings was to facilitate communication and collaboration from all parties close to him, with the hopes of managing anger and impulse control. At the beginning, he struggled with finding his voice and speaking up. Through these team meetings, Steven was able to present all his accomplishments and was proud to showcase his leadership skills during these meetings with the comfort of familiar faces. Our care coordinators recognized the importance of supporting his engaged leadership, while still making sure that meetings stayed productive.

We created plans for both Steven and his mother and empowered her to advocate for her son. With every milestone, the Connected Families NH team celebrated Steven’s achievements, and since he started the program, he has returned to full days of school almost five days a week and has entered family therapy with his mother to work on strengthening their relationship, while still living primarily with his grandmother. After completing the Wraparound care program, Steven and his family feel confident and motivated to not only maintain all the progress they have made through their hard work but continue to set goals to fuel the positive momentum. Steven has chosen to fill his time with positive hobbies such as martial arts and remains incredibly engaged and motivated to do better.

About Connected Families NH

Funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and contracted by the Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health within New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, Connected Families NH is a collaborative family-led program designed to improve the emotional health of children and young adults. We recognize the importance of emotional health and provide free, flexible services and support through our statewide and regional programs. Reach out or submit a referral to learn more about how Connected Families NH can help you. Connected Families NH is under the governance of Cheshire County. Connected Families NH is not an emergency service. If you or someone you care about is having a mental health or substance use crisis, you can call and speak to trained care staff at the NH Rapid Response Access Point at 833-710-6477 or 988 or

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