Tiffany was 12 years old when she and her mother, Sally, entered the CFNH FAST Forward program. Tiffany had taken up a habit of lying and stealing due to mental health challenges, and the final straw that spurred further intervention was her eventually running away from her home overnight. Tiffany’s school contacted her parents, who were immediately on board with bringing the CFNH care team into the situation. Tiffany’s father worked a job that required him to travel often, but he was openly supportive in the ways in which he was able to, and her mother, Sally, was incredibly hands-on.

At the beginning of her time in the program Tiffany was completely disinterested in the process, and only began opening up after she had multiple one-on-one sessions with her care coordinator and peer support specialist. Once they had both her and her mother’s engagement, their care team worked to devise a plan that aimed to reach their immediate and long-term goals. Their care team made sure that the approach they took was family-centered and emphasized the importance of everyone’s voice and feelings.

Tiffany was referred to a licensed therapist that works with her weekly on whatever challenges she may be experiencing at that time. Having that neutral, private party to discuss and work through personal and family challenges gave Tiffany more confidence and the tools she needed to manage her situation. After about two months in the program, Tiffany’s lying and stealing stopped, and instead she found a new outlet for her feelings through therapy and volleyball. Within 6 months, Sally saw immense change in her daughter, whose grades and attitude made a total 180 from when they entered the program.

The FAST Forward care coordinator assigned to Tiffany and Sally continues to work with the family, working with both of them to learn and practice healthier communication and coping skills. Sally has learned to be more nurturing of Tiffany’s feelings and has learned to practice patience and understanding while communicating with her daughter. Tiffany continues to attend therapy and has maintained good grades, and was even recognized for her outstanding progress on her volleyball team at their end of season awards banquet. She maintains consistent contact with her father now when he is traveling, both of them making time to catch up.


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Funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and contracted by the Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health within New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, Connected Families NH is a collaborative family-led program designed to improve the emotional health of children and young adults. We recognize the importance of emotional health and provide free, flexible services and support through our statewide and regional programs. Reach out or submit a referral to learn more about how Connected Families NH can help you. Connected Families NH is under the governance of Cheshire County. Connected Families NH is not an emergency service. If you or someone you care about is having a mental health or substance use crisis, you can call and speak to trained care staff at the NH Rapid Response Access Point at 833-710-6477 or 988 or

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