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What is the Early Childhood Wraparound Program

child smiling being held by mother in front of houseEarly childhood care and support can start as early as birth, and Connected Families NH’s Early Childhood Wraparound program is focused on bringing the best support and guidance possible to your family and child as mental health challenges are experienced. The Early Childhood program uses the FAST Forward system, where FAST stands for Families and Systems Working Together. This system has been proven effective and utilizes a team-based collaborative approach that brings in support systems and resources from every area of your and your child’s community. 

Your Child is Unique 

Each and every child is unique and has different needs and goals, and at the same time so is your family. That means you need tailored solutions when navigating mental health challenges. CFNH’s Early Childhood Wraparound program is specifically designed to use your individual and family goals, strengths, and needs in order to deliver as much support as possible to your family in this time of need. What works for one child may not work for another, and CFNH is focused on outcomes and boosting you and your child’s strengths. Whether you need a more hands-on, daily approach or a weekly check-in, Early Childhood care can make a lot of a difference when it comes to your child’s mental and behavioral development. 

Benefits of Early Childhood Care 

There are many benefits to taking advantage of CFNH’s Early Childhood program. Prevention is key, and the earlier you identify the need for help and get the support you need, the easier it will be to reach your goals and get through the mental health challenges you are experiencing with your child. The goal of CFNH is to be the care coordinator to bridge the gap and meet needs that are currently not being met by existing services and supports. If you feel that you need more support and more guidance, your assigned care coordinator can help you get that. Instead of being another person telling you what to do, we take the time to explain the “why” and the “how” of the process, making sure you are informed when it comes to the care of your family and your child. 

Resources Can Bridge the Gap 

It can be hard to stay on the right track when experiencing challenging mental health crises and events. But connecting with resources such as CFNH’s Early Childhood program can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Programs such as the Early Childhood Wraparound  exist to help your family and child get through challenging times, without having to leave your community. Individualized care can make a huge difference when it comes to behavioral and mental health challenges during the first five years of your child’s life. Early Childhood Wraparound is a team base approach focused on building a team with the family. Team members can be natural or professional supports an are individuals the family trusts. The team supports the family as they make decisions that are best for their child and family. 

About Connected Families NH   

Funded by a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and contracted by the Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health within New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services, Connected Families NH is a collaborative family-led program designed to improve the emotional health of children and young adults. We recognize the importance of emotional health and provide free, flexible services and support through our statewide and regional programs. Reach out or submit a referral to learn more about how Connected Families NH can help you. Connected Families NH is under the governance of Cheshire County. Connected Families NH is not an emergency service. If you or someone you care about is having a mental health or substance use crisis, you can call and speak to trained care staff at the NH Rapid Response Access Point at 833-710-6477 or 988 or

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